Telephone accessories

to make you even more productive

Our telephony system can do so much more than just make calls. With the matching accessories, you can take full advantage of its potential. Make your communications more effective and increase the productivity of your employees – and make your workplace more comfortable and more efficient at the same time.

Special hardware

Patton SmartNodes can be used to connect various special hardware items, such as ISDN phones, bank card readers, franking machines, analog fax machines and much more. As a result, there are almost no limits to the options for upgrading or expanding your STARFACE system.


The Busylight sends out a message. In addition to the presence status feature in our system, this feature indicates your telephone status to your colleagues with a visual and acoustic signal. Avoid unnecessary interruptions and create a more pleasant working environment.

Door intercom

With this system, you can always see who is outside the door – thus enhancing your safety, comfort and accessibility. A door intercom can be easily integrated into our system. Via our UCC Client, you can keep an eye on the camera image at all times.

Tuersprechstelle - UCC Feature

Break down barriers and connect employees even across different sites. With a webcam and our UCC Client you can enjoy video telephony. Face-to-face communication even across different locations helps to avoid misunderstandings and makes it easier to work together.


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