The STARFACE appliances

Our hardware platforms

Choose the perfect telephony system for your company from the STARFACE portfolio! We offer appliances for different company sizes with anything from 3 to 3,000 users. From the smallest agency to multinational corporations, you can find the right hardware solution for your company at STARFACE.

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Our entry-level package

Compact is suitable for up to 20 users and offers all the same features as its larger STARFACE siblings. Telephone calls are made via ISDN, VoIP or via analog systems. Compact is ideally suited to small companies with low growth in terms of staff.


The medium-sized solution

Advanced is our 19“ workhorse for companies with up to 80 employees. Thanks to its integrated primary multiplexer, up to 38 simultaneous calls can be made via ISDN.

STARFACE Enterprise

The ambitious one

Enterprise is suitable for companies with up to 750 employees. It can also handle typical high-volume callers at call centers or service providers who make calls on behalf of their customers.

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Our most powerful solution

This absolute power pack impresses with its performance data alone: Up to 3,000 users, 360 parallel calls via ISDN, of course unlimited parallel calls with VoIP and two redundant power supply units for high reliability.