Telephony, Communication and Collaboration for the Digital Workplace

Most companies today have a wide range of employees from every generation. Baby-Boomers, GenX, Millennials and the youngsters of Generation Z work side-by-side to produce great things. They have to communicate efficiently, but every generation has their own favorite communication tools, needs and habits. Modern business telephony platforms therefore have to integrate desktop and headset telephony, smart phones, and a wide range of communication tools as instant messaging, video conferencing, collaboration and presence apps. And then you need a fax machine for that one guy who prefers to send a fax… We at STARFACE believe that all of the communication tools and channels at your digital workplace – be it in the office, on the road or at home – have to be integrated into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Comfortphoning - Comfortworking

The UCC Clients for Windows and Mac bring all communication and collaboration channels together: Instant Messaging, Voicemail, WebCam / Web-Video, presence display, home-automation, file transfer services, screen-sharing and remote desktop tools.

Your desktop turns into an innovative UCC communications hub

Users can share their screen with other users on the same STARFACE with a simple mouse-click – for example to collaborate in real time on a task or to add video to conference calls. The new STARFACE UCC Client collaboration tools go far beyond merely sharing documents with colleagues, allowing the user to take advantage of a wide range of remote control features. These make it possible for colleagues to allow their computer to be remotely accessed which can, for example, reduce response times for troubleshooting issues.

Easy to Use

STARFACE’s intuitive web-based interface makes it easy to use, from your day-to-day tasks to the installation and administration of the PBX. The complete range of communications services can be integrated seamlessly on both Windows and Mac into your company’s IT-based business processes (for example CRM and ERP systems).

Maximum Flexibility

STARFACE is available on all STARFACE appliances, as a VM edition and as a cloud service. This affords your business the highest degree of flexibility, freedom of choice and future-proo­fing. STARFACE allows you to choose your telephones freely from a large selection of telephones from well-known and respected manufacturers.

Don’t miss a single call

“STARFACE iQueue” brings a wide range of automated call distribution features to your STARFACE. This allows you to run your own call center without the need for external services (for example a sales or support hotline, or a waiting room for a doctor’s practice).

Call Manager

The fully-functional Call Manager integrated into the STARFACE UCC clients make it easy to manage conference calls. Ad-Hoc conferences and call-in conferences can be managed just like a planned conference. The function „Call2Go“ allows the user to seamlessly transfer phone calls to a different device, even to mobile phones which have been integrated as iFMC devices.


Availability on the Road and abroad

With the STARFACE Mobile Clients for iOS and Android, your colleagues can stay connected while abroad with access to all of the UCC-features that they would have at their desk, and can be reached via their office phone number. The integrated Call Manager gives the user access to a wide range of features such as call brokering, transferring and consultation calls. Apple’s CallKit is integrated into the STARFACE Mobile Client for iOS.

Place Calls directly from Microsoft Office

Users of Microsoft‑Office have the ability to chat, send emails and start phone call straight out of office documents and Outlook emails. A color-coded presence indicator shows the user in real time within Microsoft‑ Office which of their colleagues are available.

Extended APIs

The included APIs for CRM and ERP systems allow STARFACE to be seamlessly integrated into pre-existing business processes. Call a customer straight from your CRM system and automatically display information about them on your computer. Show the presence information of colleagues in other locations. This isn’t just telephone calls, this is state-of-the-art Comfortphoning.

Everything speaks for STARFACE
  • Integrated CTI integrations from Outlook to iPhone
  • iFMC seamlessly integrates mobile phones as SIP devices
  • TAPI integration for all TAPI applications
  • Ad-Hoc telephone conferences save time and travel costs
  • The intuitive user interfaces increase productivity
  • Simple administration reduces costs for support and operation
  • Future-proof thanks to the innovative module concept
  • One telephone system for employees in the office, in the field and in branch offices
  • Stay independent of telephone manufacturers and SIP Providers
  • System dimensioned and extendable based on your requirements
  • Keep up-to-date with an update contract
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Highly ergonomic setup and usage
  • Connect to the telephone network via ISDN, SIP or All-IP
  • Clients for iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac
  • Flexible screen sharing functionality
  • Powerful remote control features
  • A single phone number in the office, home office and on the road
  • Comprehensive integration of CRM and ERP systems
  • Qualified partner network trained directly by STARFACE