From ISDN to all-IP telephony

Everything you need to know

Since the start of 2014, no more ISDN connections have been assigned by Deutsche Telekom, and notifications of enforced termination have already been sent out for existing connections. All telephone connections are due to be switched over completely from ISDN to all-IP by the end of 2018. Find out here what you need to know about this process:

What is all-IP?
All-IP Telefonanlage

The term “all-IP“ is used to describe the changeover from previous transmission technology in telecommunication networks to IP-based communication. All services, such as call setup, receiving and sending faxes, connecting telephone calls and also the actual transmission of voice data, will then take place over the Internet.

Advantages of all-IP
Expanded functionality

With all-IP systems, you can e.g. use more voice channels or more phone numbers.

Improved quality of speech transmission

With Codec and Quality of Service you can improve and ensure the speech quality of your calls.

Reduced hardware requirements
Keine Hardware nötig mit Cloud-Telefonanlage

ISDN hardware has been rendered obsolete by the switch to all-IP systems.

The switch to all-IP

To ensure that nothing at all can go wrong, we recommend the support of one of our competent STARFACE partners throughout the entire changeover process.

Phase 1

First of all, prepare an inventory of all your existing end-user devices and clarify which tariff you require. Here, list all devices that are designed for an ISDN connection. These include, for example, alarm systems, emergency call systems, bank card readers, franking machines with credit loading facilities, time recording systems or data transmission systems via modems (e.g. remote maintenance systems).

Phase 2

Now is the time to decide whether you wish to take advantage of your special rights of cancellation during the enforced changeover and look for a new, alternative provider like STARFACE.

Phase 3

To migrate your lines from ISDN to all-IP system, all you need to do is agree a moving date with your service provider.

STARFACE has been tested successfully!
STARFACE ISDN zu All IP wir wurden getestet

STARFACE was successfully tested in the 3rd-party lab of Deutsche Telekom for its DeutschlandLAN SIP-Trunk. This confirms that the STARFACE telephony systems will work without any problems via this IP-based line of Deutsche Telekom. What this means for you: The compatibility of our system at this point will guarantee a smooth migration to all-IP, and it also means that your STARFACE system is a safe, future-proof investment.