Good reasons
Reasons to choose STARFACE

For us, the people who use our products are at the heart of what we do. We develop our solutions so that we can help you to simplify your business communications. Here you will find a short overview of the good reasons to choose STARFACE Telephony-System:

Telefonanlage Cloud Einfache Verwaltung

We will make it simpler for you to find the perfect business communications solution. With our user-friendly clients, you can always be reached under the same number – wherever you are and whenever the call is made. In addition, you can also install our UCC Client on your desktop, or you can use it on the go from your cellphone. All you need is an Internet connection – your key to global telephony.

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Now you can take advantage of technology that was previously only available to large companies. The many communication features will provide an effective boost to the way people work together in your company and will therefore increase the productivity of your employees. We shorten the communication paths between your employees, even if they are collaborating in different countries or on different continents.

Flexible Telefonanlage von STARFACE

No need for you to change your setup – STARFACE will fit in with your requirements! You simply choose the right platform on which you want our software to run. Our solutions will bed in perfectly with your company’s existing IT structures, and they will offer a wide range of integration options. You will be genuinely surprised at the wealth of scenarios you can choose from.


STARFACE will grow with you. When it comes to growth, it doesn’t matter whether you need to add more users or your company adds new sites, or if other demands on your telephony system grow – we will adapt to your changing requirements. The key to this is STARFACE Flip. We are the only company in the industry to allow our customers to switch at any time between the different platforms.

100% Made in Germany

Each of our products is developed and manufactured at the company headquarters in Karlsruhe in Germany. We are already implementing the stringent standards of German data protection legislation – and this is something that is not going to change. To ensure that our high quality aspirations continue to be met, STARFACE will remain 100% in the hands of its founders.

STARFACE is a team player

Our team is unique. More than 75 experts do their work every day to make sure that you get the perfect telephony system – and the best level of support as well. We work together in an atmosphere based on trust – both within the company and, of course, with our partners and customers. In addition, we cultivate and train our network of partners at trade fairs and events and through training courses. This allows you to benefit from our seamless cooperation.