STARFACE Comfortphoning

Your advantages at a glance

STARFACE offers far more advantages than just telephony. This is how comfortphoning works.


STARFACE Comfortphoning

Telephony, chat, e-mails, file transfers, faxes, … all of the important functions you need for straightforward communications are bundled into our user interface, where you can individually adapt them to suit your own requirements – ready for use wherever you have a stable Internet connection.

We adapt to your needs!

We offer the most flexible telephony system you will be able to find. Our range includes something for every budget. You only need to purchase or hire exactly what you need. We can offer the right telephony system for any size of company, but our systems can also be freely expanded or individualized via interfaces and modules.


STARFACE is easy to install and use, and if required we can also supply matching handsets or headsets to you, which you can then install via our autoprovisioning system. It is hard to imagine a more simple solution!


Flexibility with STARFACE Flip

The perfect solution for all your requirements – and one that will grow alongside your company. With STARFACE Flip, customers can switch between the different platforms at any time.


STARFACE offers future-proof comfortphoning – made and hosted in Germany. Our solutions are scalable, and STARFACE Flip allows you to switch between platforms. This makes our solutions a safe investment. Since our solutions are browser-based, this means that you can access your telephony system at all times. In addition, STARFACE is owned 100% by its founders.

Zukunftssichere Telefonanlage von STARFACE



The same security standards apply to all of our platforms. We constantly develop new security updates and offer a number of safety features straight from the factory, such as automatic blacklists and whitelists. STARFACE is made and hosted in Germany – so compliance with German data protection legislation is something you can take for granted with us.

Working 2.0

Our solution will help you make the transition to a modern workplace. You can send and receive paperless faxes as PDF documents or do without additional hardware by using a so-called softphone. In addition, you can also enable your employees to work from the road, wherever they are. Whether for sales employees traveling between meetings or for employees working from home – you can always be reached under your landline number and can use the chat feature to talk to colleagues.


Modular concept

STARFACE will adapt to the needs of your company – and not the other way around. The innovative modular STARFACE concept offers a large number of additional functions on top of a range of standard modules. Find out more about our modular concept.


STARFACE is open for expansion and integration projects and offers a wide range of clients, connectors and interfaces, which helps you to take advantage of the full scope of your telephony system. Here’s more information about the interfaces.


A strong, certified partner network.

Our highly trained partners can be found wherever you go, and they are well-networked with each other. You always have access to a contact person who will be happy to help if you have any questions.

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