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Only by integrating your telephony system in your IT environment can you open up the full range of features of your new STARFACE system. In the process, the conventional way of making telephone calls is transformed into modern “comfortphoning“. STARFACE is open for expansion and integration projects and offers a wide range of clients, connectors and interfaces for integration of your existing systems.

What is UCI?

UCI is an interface that is used to connect various programs and applications to your STARFACE system or that can be used to access information in your STARFACE system. UCI offers real-time information about the user’s telephone calls, as well as the ability to start and end calls for the user. In the same way, UCI also has access to the call, fax and voicemail lists of the user, as well as to call diversions, function keys, group logins, phones and presence information.


The open TAPI interface is available for the integration of basic CTI functions. It can be used to connect almost any customer contact management program. This makes it possible to make calls directly from the programs – without having to dial a number.

TSP for Terminal Server

STARFACE TSP for Terminal Server is the TAPI interface to all Windows Terminal-based applications. It can be used to connect almost any customer contact management program that is operated via Terminal Server to STARFACE.

Telephone system tuning

Do you still have an old but functioning telephony system and are looking for a soft migration to the world of IP telephony? Or would you like to add additional features to your existing telephony system? STARFACE Telephone system Tuning gives you access to powerful new features such as voicemail, TAPI, Unified Messaging, CTI integration, Fax-to-Desk, Desk-to-Fax, telephone conferences – but at the same time it offers the best possible protection for the investments you have already made.

Is your system included?

Special connectors allow functions in the STARFACE telephony system to be utilized within CRM and ERP systems. For standard programs ranging from Outlook to DATEV and Salesforce, you can access a growing number of solutions from different software providers.

A selection of the available integration options can be found in our Knowledge Base.


Further information about STARFACE UCI can be found here:

UCI 3.0 API Javadoc
STARFACE Integration Development Forum

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