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The new tool for video meetings:

A good online meeting starts with the right conference tool

The new videoconferencing platform for easy business-meetings makes online meetings easier than ever. Whether you’re planning video meetings with colleagues, customers or partners – with STARFACE NEON your meeting is ready in no time at all. You can host conferences with up to 24 participants. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to develop and automatically update our video meeting platform.


Kostenfreie Beta STARFACE NEON

During the Public Beta phase, you can use the video conference platform completely free.


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Our tool is totally easy! Set up, plan or take part in a video meeting with just a few clicks.


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Our video conference and meeting platform is ideal for growing companies with large teams.


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Your data stays with you. Secure connection with TLS encryption. DSGVO – we respect your privacy.

Use STARFACE NEON (Public Beta) free of charge
Test it now, without any obligation and completely free of charge
Videomeetings STARFACE NEON

Setting up an online meeting

Set up a meeting room for a video conference
  • Get started quickly: Create an online meeting or take part in one
  • Safety first: Encrypted TLS connection
  • Click and go: You don’t need to register
Videomeetings STARFACE NEON

Start an online meeting

Plan, host or take part in a video conference.
  • Enter your name: This is how the other participants will see you
  • Select your preferences: Define your audio and video devices
  • That’s all: Start the meeting and experience STARFACE NEON!
Videomeetings STARFACE NEON

Many teams. One solution. STARFACE NEON

Get ready and enjoy!
  • Plan online meetings,
  • Start video conferences
  • or simply join them.
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TMC Exellence Award 2020

TMC Excellence Award for Teleworking Solutions goes to STARFACE NEON, the video conferencing platform for online meetings.

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FAQ - The answers to the most frequent questions about STARFACE NEON

Are there any costs for using STARFACE NEON?

No. You can use our meeting platform completely free of charge during the Public Beta phase.

Do I need an account for STARFACE NEON to host or take part in a video conference?

No, you don’t need an account.

Which browser do I need to use STARFACE NEON?

Chrome from Version 77 and Edge from Version 80 are currently supported as browsers. After STARFACE NEON has been officially released, you’ll be able to use any popular browser.

How do I set up a video meeting with STARFACE NEON?

It’s easy – just enter the URL in your browser and start the meeting. That’s it!

How do I join a video meeting?

You can join a video meeting by calling up the link you have been sent. Alternatively, you can enter the meeting ID on the page and join the meeting from there.

Which technical requirements are necessary for STARFACE NEON?

You have optimum quality from a data transmission rate of 6 MBit. If the picture and sound quality are poor, despite a basically good Internet connection, please check whether large files are being downloaded in the background, for example. Several tabs open simultaneously can also lead to poor performance.

Is personal data saved during the video conference?

We respect your privacy. This means that we only store the IP addresses in the server log files. All other personal data will be deleted automatically after a meeting.

Do I have to accept cookies in my browser to display your website?

No, you can take part in a video meeting without accepting cookies. But remember – it’s much more enjoyable to work if you have some delicious cookies by your side.

How do I get updates for STARFACE NEON?

Don’t worry! The STARFACE Team will take care of updates. You will always automatically use the most current version.

What do I do if the local firewall or the firewall in the company network prevents access to STARFACE NEON?

The firewall might prevent access to STARFACE NEON. In your local network, you must permit communication with STARFACE in your networks. In the company network, please contact your technical administrator.

How many people can speak at the same time in a conference?

Currently, up to 24 people can take part in a video meeting. This is the “hard limit” that cannot be exceeded. The 25th participant will receive a corresponding message.

Can I mute individual participants or all participants at the same time?

As the video conference moderator, you have the authorization to mute either all participants at the same time or just specific individual microphones.

Can I adjust settings for camera, loudspeaker and microphone?

Yes you can! You can adjust the settings for camera, loudspeaker, and microphone under Meeting Settings.

Can I adjust the volume of my microphone and/or my headphones/speakers?

You can adjust the volume in the local volume settings on your computer.

How can I take part in a meeting using my mobile device?

Video telephony with mobile end devices is currently not supported. However, you can open the video meeting in the browser of your mobile device. Connection is via mobile data or, if available, WLAN.

I have no sound / my sound is distorted. What should I do?

First check the volume settings of your computer. If everything is ok, the problem might be due to a faulty data transmission. Please check whether your line is being used by another application (in the background or on another PC in your network). Above-average use might be due to streaming films, videos, video games, downloading large files, updates or similar.

What should I do if someone appears blurred or pixelated?

If a participant is displayed as distorted or blurred, this is due to a faulty data transmission on the part of the participant concerned.

I'm using a Firefox browser and am having problems with the camera and microphone settings

Firefox is not currently supported as a browser. Please use one of the enabled browsers. Currently, you can use Chrome from Version 77 and Edge from Version 80 as your browser.

I'm using Safari browser and am having problems using STARFACE NEON

Please use one of the following browsers. Currently, Chrome from Version 77 and Edge from Version 80 are supported.

I'm having problems with authoizations in the browser and have no access to camera and microphone

Please check the camera and microphone settings in your browser and enable access to STARFACE NEON.

Sound and video are not being transmitted.

There are 2 possible reasons for this:

Reason 1: Access not enabled
Please check whether access to your microphone and/or your camera have been correctly enabled.

Reason 2: Browser not supported
Currently, Chrome from Version 77 and Edge from Version 80 are supported as browsers. Please start the application in a supported browser. Third-party software can affect camera and microphone access. It is possible that a third-party software might be blocking the access rights in the background. You can check the access rights on your Windows PC as follows:

  1. Windows Settings
  2. Privacy
  3. App permissions
  4. Enable desktop apps to have access to your camera / microphone.

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