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STARFACE UCC Client Windows Mac

The STARFACE UCC Client (for Windows and Mac) brings together all communication channels on your desktop, making it an innovative control center for your office communications. STARFACE UCC Client is the desktop user interface for your telephony system. Drag and drop the functions to arrange them exactly how you want them to be laid out.

Function keys

The Busylight or Presence Status functions use a color code to inform you quickly and easily whether the person you are trying to speak to by phone is available (green), currently has an incoming call (yellow) or is already speaking to someone (red).

Chat function

Simply drag & drop the required button to the chat window or click to start chatting. A “Busy” light will even show you mid-chat if the person you are talking has an incoming call or is already in the middle of a call.

Call Manager

Call Manager is the central control element for all calls. To use the drag feature to initiate a call, simply drag the button for the contact into the Call Manager window. And it is just as easy to forward or divert calls via drag and drop, set up telephone conferences or start recordings.

STARFACE - Call Manager - Feature UCC Client

Since the telephone calls are made via the Internet, conventional desktop phones are no longer required. Instead, you can choose yourself whether you would like to use a headset or connect a classic desktop phone to your STARFACE UCC Client. In theory, you could also use the speakers on your laptop to make a call.

Schneller Zugriff im STARFACE UCC Client mit der Quick Access Bar.png

With the aid of the quick access bar you can keep an eye on important information such as your status or active call diversions. Here, you will also find the buttons for opening and closing the windows. In addition, telephone numbers can be entered via an input field, or the integrated search function can be used to find the person you wish to call.


Of course, all the normal features you would expect, like voicemail, address books, call lists etc. can be used in the same way as via the web interface.

File transfer

To send a file to the person you are talking to, simply drag and drop it to the chat area, or right-click on the “Busy” light field.

Door monitoring
STARFACE-Interface - UCC-Client - Türüberwachung

Whether for door monitoring or for integrating a web cam of your choice, with the aid of the Doorline function you can keep an eye on the required location at all times.

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