STARFACE Web Interface

Your command center in a browser

In addition to our Desktop Client and Mobile Client, by default you also have full access to your STARFACE telephony system via the web interface. You can log in via any standard browser and access all the functions – all you need is a stable Internet connection. In addition, our web interface also acts as the command center for the other clients. This is where the magic happens.

Access from everywhere

Do you want to access your STARFACE system from any location in the world? No problem – simply log into your STARFACE using a standard browser. Whether call diversions, call lists, fax lists or your address book – you can find all the key features here.

Call Manager

Just like in the UCC Client, you can access the Call Manager here, and from your browser you can use all the standard functions. Calls, spontaneous conference calls, call transfers – these functions are all accessed in the usual, simple way at the push of a button.

Telephone conferences

You can moderate planned telephone conferences here. Whether for a one-off event or for regular conference calls, it only takes moments to set up your telephone conference and notify the people you would like to invite to take part.


In the web interface you can set up your own personal workspace, including your preferences for displayed “Busy“ indicators, call diversions, voicemail settings or group functions. There are no limits to your imagination here, and you can freely set up your user interface just how you like it.

Admin area

Your system administrator will also use the web interface to access your STARFACE system. For system settings, adding new handsets (new phones, door intercom systems, …), assigning telephone numbers – both internally and externally. The STARFACE web interface is the command center for your telephony system.

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