Our leasing model

STARFACE 365 - Mietmodell Telefonanlage - IP-Telefonie

With STARFACE 365, all of our products are available for a monthly leasing fee. In addition, we also offer the most important phones from Snom, Gigaset and Yealink as subscription models. Since STARFACE 365 also includes all the necessary updates, this keeps you up to date with the latest software versions at all times.

Why opt for leasing?

  • Always have the latest software versions
  • Free replacement of hardware
  • Keep your liquid assets free
  • Complete costing certainty and planning reliability
  • High flexibility

Is it right for me?

STARFACE 365 is suitable for any size of company. If your company is growing dynamically, then the subscription can be increased to meet your growing requirements.

What is the right contract period for me?

You decide on the right contract period for your company’s objectives. Choose between 1, 12, 36 or 60 months – and the longer the contract period, the more attractive the monthly rates.

Simply lease everything together!

No problem – with STARFACE 365 we can also offer a large choice of handsets on a subscription model. Regardless of whether you need additional phones or rack mount kits, with our leasing model you can get everything you need.


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