A virtual platform


In principle, the VM Edition is like a cloud that you host yourself. You should consider the STARFACE VM Edition if you already have your own virtualization platform. With the STARFACE VM Edition, you gain access to the full functionality of the STARFACE telephony system – but you get to keep your existing hardware.



Embedded in your security concept – integration in your server management is in your hands.

Flexible scalability


Here you can determine for yourself how the system is integrated into your existing hardware resources.



Having fewer physical servers in the computer center means less electricity and less cooling are required to keep the system running.



Since your system administrators are responsible for the telephony system, you can respond to issues quickly yourself, create backups or perform a disaster recovery.

The choice is yours! – STARFACE Flip


One of the big advantages of STARFACE is its complete flexibility when it comes to choosing the STARFACE platform: With all the individual adaptations and additional modules that are available, your telephony system can migrate forwards or backwards from a STARFACE appliance/hardware-based solution to the VM or cloud-based solution of STARFACE (STARFACE Flip).

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Was der Mittelstand und große Unternehmen in der Business-Kommunikation versuchen zu gestalten, haben Start-Ups längst erfolgreich in Benutzung. STARFACE hat hierzu 2017 von der Studentischen Unternehmensberatung delta eine deutschlandweitere Studie anfertigen lassen.

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